MSO Basti Unit distributed Ration Kit to the Needy People


Basti (UP). COVID-19 is a lockdown all over the country to prevent infection, due to which people are imprisoned in their homes. The lockdown limit has now been extended till 3rd May. During this time, rationing delivery work by Muslim Students Organization of India MSO among needy people across the country is being done so that during the lockdown they can get the required material.

The MSO Basti Unit also distributed free ration kits to the needy people with the zeal to protect the needy during the lockdown. In the meantime, the MSO has to ensure that all the people follow the lockdown and maintain proper distance and appeal is also being made to come forward in the interest of society!

Mufti Ghulam Khwaja Atiullah Alimi President of MSO Basti District thanks to all the volunteers who involved in the process.


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