Government must ensure the arrangement for Sahari and Iftar for Muslim migrants in Ramadan


New Delhi: Muslim Student Organization of India (MSO) President Shujaat Ali Qadri appealed to the central government to arrange Sahari and Iftar during the month of Ramadan for Kashmiri muslim and other states stranded in different parts of the country amid lockdown.

Shujaat Ali Qadri said that Kashmiri and other Muslims are stranded in different states of the country. Most of them are students and migrant laborers. All of these were geeting food and other needs in lockdown somehow, But now in the month of Ramadan, it is not possible to arrange in this way for everyone.

He told that the biggest problem of all these people is the problem of food during Sahari and Iftar. He said, food is provided by the administration and social workers after 10 in the morning and only after eight in the evening. To take this food, one has to take long lines in the sun. It is no longer easy for people to do this.

Qadri appealed to the Center and all the State Governments to provide food to the Muslim migrants at the time of sahari and iftar. He said that a special helpline number should also be issued for such people in all states so that these people can easily put their needs in front of the administration. The MSO president also requested the imams of the mosque, social organizations and asked them to help such people at their level. He said, with the help of the administration, you can also help from local mosques, Khanqah, and from your homes.

Qadri called upon all people, especially the Muslims, to pray at home during Ramadan and to maintain the social distancing.


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