Liquor sale decision will crush the social distancing


New Delhi. By removing the ban on the sale of liquor, the governments of all the states have squandered all efforts made so far on corona control. By removing the ban on alcohol, the way the countrymen sat down to avoid the transition from the Corona epidemic to social distancing, the government has smoked all these efforts.

Muslim student organization India said in a press note issued here that it is ridiculous that the sale of liquor has been started but the remaining businesses are closed. In fact, the state governments charge the highest revenue by levying taxes on alcohol and petrol according to their need.

It should be recognized that the state governments do not even care about the health of the people in front of their revenue. Despite the lockdown, liquor shops have been opened to reduce the fiscal deficit that the state governments are facing, while governments have the will power, they can not only promote interconnected business by opening daily business but also the means of employment to the people can also increase.

MSO National President Shujaat Ali Quadri said that only the producers of liquor, the government and the contractors are benefited in liquor while for the rest of the public not only does it have to deal with the health hazards caused by alcoholism, but the chaos caused by the liquor contracts during this period has allowed the state governments to increase the infection of Corona. He said that in the states where liquor is sold, fifteen to twenty five percent of the total revenue of the government comes from alcohol.

This is the reason that despite the lockdown, state governments have shown haste in selling liquor. UP, Karnataka and Uttrakhand derive more than twenty percent of their total revenue from liquor sales, but this does not mean that governments are only double-minded with public health in the greed to increase their revenue.

Let us tell you that as soon as Lockdown 2 ended, the governments of many states including North India either closed many businesses or conditionally allowed them to open for some time. Surprisingly, liquor shops were allowed to open. After this, such a crowd gathered outside these shops that in many places the police used sticks to control the situation. During this time, the social distancing took off and people became intertwined with each other. This has also caused the danger of corona infection spreading badly.


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