Freedom of Palestine is the need of all humanity: MSO


India’s largest Muslim student union ‘Muslim Students Organization of India’ i.e. ‘MSO’ organized an online public awareness program on Quds Day on 22 May and demonstrated its indoctrination towards Palestine’s independence. The last Friday of every Ramadan is considered as, ‘Quds Day’ i.e. Jerusalem Day.

Shujaat Ali Qadri, President of the Muslim Students Organization of India, or MSO, said that for the last 41 years it has been a tradition that Quds Day is celebrated in the name of Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine. This tradition has been going on since 1979. This year because of the Corona crisis, his organization did the event online rather than outside the mosques and through the conference in the auditoriums. For this, the organization held an online meeting with all the Central Committee officials a day before that. In this, he called upon all the responsibilities of the organization to spread more and more information through WhatsApp group and social media on the occasion of Quds Day. Qadri said that the freedom of Palestine is the need of all humanity. He reminded that the father of the nation Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also intended that the independence of Palestine should remain intact. Gandhiji had criticized Jewish expansionism, reminding that the Arabs had the same right over Palestine as the British had over England. Complete independence of Palestine is part of India’s policy and we will continue to criticize Israeli influence on the basis of any political party’s agenda. This is against our international interests, non-aligned policy and the will of the people of India.

Anis Shirazi National Secretary of the Muslim Students Organization of India, or MSO, said in the online meeting of the occasion that the whole world has rejected the deal of America’s century. He said that the American Jewish zionism of dividing the West Bank and selling Palestine for $ 50 billion would never succeed. He reminded that when this so-called century deal was being held, not calling Palestine is a sign of American zealotry. America is an independent secular country, but today the American public has to decide on the zionization of the entire country on the whims of a president’s son-in-law. We are confident that Donald Trump will lose the US election this year and the American public will blow him to dust on the issue of injustice with Palestine alone.

Habib Multaani State President of MSO Rajasthan expressed sadness that we are unable to celebrate Quds Day due to Coronas being troubled but yet we have found new ways to oppose the illegitimate occupation of Israel even in limited rights. He informed that during this time the MSO organized several seminars citing Palestine. American patriotism on Palestine, deception in the name of the Deal of the Century, and the looting of Palestine lands in 1967, with the help of the organization’s peers, spread awareness among the general public. WhatsApp was used extensively for this. A number of messages were circulated in Hindi, Urdu and Bangla languages to make the general public aware of Palestine. These messages gave information about the independence of Palestine and the history of Palestine’s conflict with Israel, as well as the Islamic significance of this land.


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