Indian government should break all kinds of economic relations with China: MSO

New Delhi, The Muslim Students Organization of India, the largest student organization of Indian Sunni Muslims has appealed to the central government due to the India-China dispute that the Indian government should break all kinds of economic relations with China. War and trade cannot go together.

MSO appealed that Chinese imports, Chinese investments should be stopped. Chinese companies should not be given contracts in the infrastructure sector. Also, we have a security concern in regards of “Tik Tok “. The download of Chinese apps should be banned.

MSO president shujaat ali qadri has demanded that government jobs should be given to the families of those who lost their lives in a clash on the Indo-China border. He said that Indian soldiers lay down their lives while protecting our family and our country. After their death, their family has to face many economic difficulties. In such a situation, it becomes the responsibility of the Government of India that at least one of the family members be given a government job so that the army personnel standing on the border to protect the nation should be at ease for his family’s future.

MSO has requested the urban development minister Hardeep Puri that Delhi Metro Rapid rail transport project should not be given to Chinese Companies being sensitive in nature.

Qadri requested government to cut the clutter on the situation of the Indo-China clashes. How far did the control line take place and what actions happened between the soldiers on both sides, which led to such a thing which never happened in the last 45 years . The government should do a thorough investigation and submit its report to the country. The life of each of our soldiers is priceless.


Shujaat advised the Government of India that diplomatic relations with China should be maintained as soon as possible, but the public should deliberately initiate the disfellowship of Chinese goods. The Government of India should also take up the case of Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan and Xinxiang (Uyghurs Muslims) in various platforms.

Even in organizations of three to four countries like BRICS, SCO and RIC, India should demonstrate aggressive policy towards China. Protect the neighboring nations from getting caught in the trap of the ‘Silk Road’ and getting heavily indebted from China. Remove all restrictions on the religious leader like Dalai Lama of Tibet, recognition of separate country to East Turkistan (existing Xinxiang).

If China invokes VISA to Arunachal Pradesh then why should we not say that we want to invoke VISA to Tibet, Xinxiang and Inner Mongolia Han Chinese people. China has invested 26 Billion dollars in India. Make efforts to discourage further investment and our foreign ministry must identify the true intentions of China before taking such large sums of investment.


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