MSO West Bengal State & Islami Chhatra Sena Bangladesh organised webinar on life & works of Allama Obaidul Haque Naimi


Late chairman of Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jama’at Bangladesh and Jamia Ahmadiyya Sunni Alia’s Shaikhul Hadith Sher e Millat Allama Mufti Obaidul Haque Naimi’s (Rah.) International Webinar on his Life and Works jointly organized by West Bengal State Branch of the Muslim Student Organization of India (MSO) and the Bangladesh Islamic Chhatra Sena.
Co-Chairman of Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamaat Bangladesh, Shaikhul Hadith Allama Kaji Moinuddin Ashrafi discussed the important aspects of Sher Millat’s life and career in webinar.
A Senior Joint Secretary General of the Bangladesh Islamic Front.Dr S.U.M Abdus Samad, one of the patrons of MSO and head of Darul Qaza Idaraye Shariah, Malda Pir Dr Shakil Ahmad Aswi Rezvi Barkati, Hazrat Syed Shah Hamidul Islam Al Chisti, the incumbent of Basubati Darbar Sharif, West Bengal State President Ashfaq Ahmed Aswi and Social Media Secretary Syed Samirul Islam Chisti discussed different aspects of the Hadrat’s life and works.
National president of MSO Engineer Shujaat Ali Qadiri, Central President of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Sena Student Leader GM Shahadat Hossain Manik, Central General Secretary Imran Hussain Tushar, Joint organising Secretary Gousia committee Bangladesh Advocate Ridwan Ashrafi ,Press Secretary Gousia committee Oman Alhaj Muhammad Jasimuddin, State adviser MSO West Bengal Mufti AK Azad Al Quadri also spoke on this occasion. Shayer Akib of Tripura and Shayer Ahmad Reza of Bangladesh paid their respect in the form of naats and others made the webinar a success with their presence.


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