MSO conducts webinar on National education policy and its Impact on Minorities


The Muslim Students Organization of India (MSO), one of the largest student and youth organizations, organized a webinar on the National Education Policy-2020 and its impact on minorities. Keynote speakers were Professor Akhtarul Wasey (Vice Chancellor of Maulana Azad University, Jodhpur), Senior Journalist Prashant Tandon and Secretary of Jesuit Education South Asia, Father Sunny Jacob SJ.

Professor Akhtarul Wasey said in his address that we welcomed the education policy-2020 and advocated for the statutory status of the major minority institutions including AMU, Jamia. Along with this, he said that no language should be emphasized in education policy. He also expressed concern over not including the Arabic language in education policy.

Highlighting the education policy, senior journalist Prashant Tandon said that under the new education policy, the 10 + 2 system in the schooling system has been abolished. Now 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 systems are being introduced. He also said that M.Phil has also been completely closed. He worried about that. He said that the M.Phil and other higher courses can cause problems when Indian students finish M.Phil.  He said that emphasis has been given on mother tongue education at the primary level. But this is the era of globalization; in such a situation the importance of English education cannot be denied. He said that in China today, English education is being given full emphasis. He expressed concern that on the one hand, provision of English education was made in government schools after primary level. So at the same time nothing has been said in the new education policy about private schools.

Senior journalist was also questioned about fundamental rights. Responding to which he was told that the Education Policy -2020 emphasizes on constitutional duties rather than fundamental rights. However, he said that at the moment it is a draft and the road map of education policy is yet to come. He hoped that the new education policy will see a change. He said that education is also a subject of the Concurrent list. In such a situation, the state government will also make changes at its level.

Apart from this, Father Sunny Jacob put the problems of minority communities in front of everyone. He stated that minority communities have been allowed to run their educational institutions in 393 of the Constitution. In which religious education is also allowed. He appealed to remove this deficiency in education policy. MSO President Shujaat Ali Qadri thanked all the speakers.



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