MSO National President toured the country, in order to Expand  the organization


New Delhi: National President of Muslim Student Organization of India (MSO) Dr Shujaat Ali Qadri visited different parts of the country in January in order to expand the organization.

His tour started from Lucknow on 15 January. Where there was a meeting with various district heads of the state.

He stayed in Mumbai on 18, 19 and 20 January. During this time, apart from the organization, he also met the heads of various Sunni organizations including Head of Prominent Sunni Organisation Raza Academy Saeed Noori and Qari Rizwan Ahmed Khan of Sunni Dawat E Islami.

He also met with Chairman of Ghausia Academy Faheem Mahate, Imran and President of Rise India Foundation Shariq Raza.

The tour of West Bengal and Assam started on 21 January. He had meetings with the State Leaders of West Bengal at Dharam Tala Kolkata. He also takes the meeting of MSO Howrah district committee.

He attended the meeting of MSO North East leaders at Guwahati on 23 January. In which leaders of Assam Tripura and Manipur participated. Throughout this tour there was an emphasis on the expansion of the organization.


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