MSO hold International webinar in solidarity with Palestine

Muslim students organisation, Raza Academy, Ghousia Academy and IPSF have organised unanimously webinar on the topic “Current situation in Palestine and role of civil society” in 16 May 2021.

There were intellectuals, scholars, human right activists and media reporter as speakers. First and foremost MSO president Dr Shujaat Ali Qadri invited Muhammad azmi Abdul Hamid from Malaysia (president MAPIM). He has spoken on the topic and expressed deeply concerned regarding ongoing situations in Palestine. He delivered a brief history of Palestine especially Exodus of Palestinians how they had to face such tragic moment. He elaborated lots of points on the role of civil society about Palestine while he said that international organisations must come out and stand in the solidarity with palestinians for the protection of human rights. He said that it is the time for awareness publicly about the issue of Palestine and Israel. For it Imam of mosques easily can make understand to the people what the palestinians brothers are facing right now and what the real issue.

Participating legally in the struggle to help the palestinians and mobilizing the people at every level whether whether it will need for government supporting. Raising the voices for supporting of Palestinian from every platform weather it would be magazines and newspapers or anything else is necessary right now.

Salma Mohammed from Gaza Strip (media activist & blogger of Al Jazeera) informed about the critical and horrible situations of Palestine especially in Gaza strip. Everything is being continuously destroyed by apartheid Israel. Tragedy is increasing in every moment. Innocent civilians including children and women are being Martyred. Right now each and everyone is afraid of current situation in every moment. There is mass genocide of palestinians nobody is safe here. She got emotional and began to cry while talking regarding ferocious situation of her neighbours and Gaza. She said, “we don’t know whether we will be alive or will be martyr. Please support and raise your voices to protect us and to protect human rights. We’ve been living here in danger”

Zaid Abu Zayyad from Jerusalem (peace activist) has mentioned the continuous persecutions of palestinians committed by apartheid Israel. He also spoke about what people have been facing in occupation West Bank till now for last few decades. Recently Israeli forces targeted us with the tear gas and stun grenades etc while we were peacefully praying Salat. he mentioned the bad situations of palestinians how they have been living there right now. Palestinians are not being given even the basic human rights. Everywhere we are being targeted in every moment. They’ve been killing civilians including children and womens. Human rights violations are there in every moment.

He said that international community must do demonstrations and massively protests to help our struggle and for human rights. They should try to convince their governments to reject massacre. Israeli terrorism must be stopped immediately. International community must speak up regarding illegal occupation in West Bank which is against the several resolutions of UN.

Alhaj Saeed Noori (chairman of Raza academy) requested to the common people to make a short video for the solidarity with Palestine and condemnation of apartheid Israel that is the thing which at least we all can do easily for our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

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