International Students Webinar on Solidarity with Palestine

New Delhi, 30th May, 2021 Sunday: In Solidarity with Palestinian People, Muslim Students Organization of India MSO, an apex body of Muslim Youths and students organized Virtual International Students Conference on 30th May 2021. Student’s leaders from 20 countries expressed his views and supported Palestinian cause.

Speakers expressed deep concern over the crimes committed by colonial Israeli forces in the Palestinian territories and the recent attack on Gaza and Haram Al Shareef. All the organisations have unanimously endorsed the following statements.

We are registering our full support on the U.N. Human Rights Council (UNHRC) disclosure that Israeli strikes on Gaza may be war crimes. This is an historical announcement from the UN agency.

We condemn the ongoing tension created by the zionist Jews and occupation forces in East Jerusalem which intends to evict Palestinian families in the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan District.

The UNHRC should conform to the request of Muslim states represented by OIC who have asked for a U.N. commission of inquiry to investigate possible war crimes and to establish command responsibility.

The Israeli government has been enforcing absolute and complete control over the Palestinian population in Jerusalem, just as it has done in other Palestinian cities and towns. Palestinian Jerusalemites only possess residency cards, which can be revoked at any point, Israel continuously demolishes homes in Palestinian neighbourhoods under the pretext of lacking house permits, and Palestinian youth are discriminatorily targeted by Israeli forces.

We declare our full and unconditional support to our Palestinian brothers and sisters, and laud their brave resistance against the aggression of the Israeli oppressors.

We call on the UN to take immediate measures to stop the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians, and the same time urges organization of Islamic conference (OIC), Arab League and human right defenders to take their part in protecting the Al- Aqsa Mosque and supporting the Palestinian rights.

We as students/Youth organisation extend our solidarity to the courageous people of Palestine in their struggle, resistance, and intifada against the Zionist Israeli occupation and affirm our commitment to:

• Resistance to the decision of USA Government to recognise Jerusalem as official capital of apartheid Israel

• Supporting Palestinian Self-Determination

• Support to End the Occupation of Jerusalem and Palestinian land

• Equal Rights for All within historic Palestine

• The Right of Return for Palestinian refugees

• We call the UNHRC to affirm the legitimate struggle for Palestinian rights against Israeli oppression.

There is no civilians used as human shields as claimed by israel on all its assault operations in Gaza.

We endorse the Cairo Declaration of 2010; the United Palestinian call of July 2005 for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) to compel Israel to comply with international law; the Palestinian Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI); and all other initiatives to end the occupation of Palestine. OIC should take effective action to suspend membership those country who have normalize the relationship with Israel.

We congratulate Ireland that has recognised Israel’s ‘de facto annexation’ of Palestine. Irish parliament which supports the motion declaring Israel’s ‘de facto annexation’ of Palestinian land , is a strong message that the zionist regime’s act of aggression must be condemned.

We also congratulate Maldives that he suspends all ties with Israel, showing solidarity to Palestine.

We also congratulate government of India for his strong support to Palestine in UNSC Session.
We also thank all the countries who supported the Palestinian cause especially Kuwait, Iran, Malaysia and Lebanon.

We demand that the UN must do immediately:

• Protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

• Dismantle the Israeli Settlements, demolish the Apartheid Wall and remove all the check posts that have turned Palestine into the largest open air prison-cum-concentration camp for its inhabitants.

• Stop targeted assassinations of the Palestinian leadership and the indiscriminate brutalization, torture, and killing of civilians

• Release the more than 11,000 Palestinian men, women and children languishing in Israeli prisons

• As a matter of fact, Israel, as the occupation force and excersing apartheid authority, continues its crimes, its policies and laws to consolidate a colonial and apartheid system that has been proceeding for decades.

1. Dr. Shujaat Ali Quadri (President MSO of India)
2. Shahid Pradhan (VP- India Palestine Solidarity Forum)

3. Ahmed Farhan Bin Rosli (Malaysia) President: National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students (PKPIM)

4. Affandi Ismail (Indonesia) President: Association of Islamic University Students & HMI

5. Muad Mohamad Zaki (Maldives) President: Friends of Palestine in Maldives

6. Mohammad Sahab Uddin Mir (Bangladesh Vice President: Bangladesh Islami Chattrasena

7. Ms. Suraiya Madda-ee (Thailand) Secretary, Thai Muslim Student Association (TMSA)

8. Inthikab Zufer (Sri Lanka) Co-founder of AsSunnahTrust

9. Usman mohi ud din Noorani (Pakistan) President: Anjuman Talba E Islam

10. Amin Rezaei Nejad (Iran) HOD of Spirituality and Politics, Qom, Iran

11. Mahdi Mokadem (Lebanon) Youth Leader of Palestinian Struggle movement

12. Saif Aqel (Palestine) Vice President: Fateh Youth Movement & Board Member GUPS

13. Eman Shams Aldin (Kuwait) Palestinian Activists and writer

14. Anas Al-Yazuri (Turkey) Director of the Palestine Students Association of Turkey

15. Musab Barlaman (Egypt) President: Al Azhar International Students Union

16. Samira El Khalfi (Tunisia) Global Campaign to Return to Palestine – Tunis Branch

17. Abubacker Mberick Sidi (Mauritania) President: Dakar Youth Movement

18. Mr. Abou Diagne (Senegal) Head of the Student Movement of the Campaign for the Defense of Palestine.

19. Firas Al Najim (Canada) Manager of Canadian Defenders For Human Rights CD4HR

20. Maria Carolina Oliveira (Brazil) International Secretary: National Union of Students

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