Incharge / Chairman

Dr. Shujaat Ali Quadri is current National In charge/ Chairman of
The MSO National Council. He is also the Vice Chairman of the
MSO Governing body. He hails from Bahraich UP. He is also the
Managing editor of “The Times Headline” and Online English News portal.

Educational Qualifications: PhD in Computer Science (AI),
M. Tech (CS), B. Tech and Diploma in Engineering (EC)

Position Held in MSO
2017 -2021: National President (Two Terms)
2014 -2017: National General Secretary (Two Terms)
2012 -2014: National Campus Secretary
2008 – 2012: National Secretary (Two Terms)
2007 – 2008: State Convener (Rajasthan)
2006 -2007: General Secretary (AMU Zone)
2005 – 2006: Secretary (AMU Zone)

Special Interests
International Muslim Affairs, Human Right, Palestinian Struggle movement, Sufism and Information & Cyber warfare.

Country Visited:
Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Qatar, Nepal and Saudi Arabia.

Contact Address: Hazrat Nizamuddin West New Delhi. 011-46567200
Twitter: @shujaatQuadri